Bloodhounds West, Inc.

Est. 1974

Bloodhounds West, Inc. is composed of two separate chapters (Northern and Southern) whose members work together toward a common goal.  Established in 1974 as a nonprofit organization by an active group of individuals whose desire it was to promote public education as it concerned the Bloodhound and its invaluable contributions to society; current members continue to work toward the goals the original members had envisioned. Bloodhounds West has become a model for other breed clubs around the United States and holds the honor of being the only “regional breed club” to receive the American Bloodhound Club's prestigious Meritorious Service Award for its work and dedication to breed rescue.

The friends and members of Bloodhounds West manage the Bloodhound Breed Rescue program in which we actively pursue the rehoming of retired, abandoned and abused Bloodhounds.  Additionally, we ardently promote the use of the Bloodhound in law enforcement, search and rescue and of course, as wonderful family companions.

The boundaries of each chapter are as follows: Bloodhounds West, South extends from the California - Mexico border north to and including Santa Barbara County and the state of Arizona.  Bloodhounds West, North extends from Santa Barbara County north to the California-Oregon border and the state of Nevada. 

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